Wheeler Construction is the third-generation of our family building company.

Established in the 1940’s, skills have been passed from father to son to grandson. Although building techniques, tools and materials have changed down the years; Wheeler Construction upholds a work ethic and attention to detail of a bygone age.

Managing Director Bradley Wheeler began learning his building skills at 10, working alongside his father and grandfather. Bradley now has a list of building qualifications to his name, adding to a lifetime of experience.

In the modern era, people in the building trade tend to specialize rather than become a generalist. Wheeler Construction has built an array of qualified, skilled specialists, so you can be confident you will enjoy high-quality workmanship for your building project.

With our experience, we can project manage your work and plan accurately so that tradesmen are scheduled to be on-site when they are required. No more wasted time waiting days for someone and no wasted money with specialists standing around waiting for someone to finish their task.

This pool of experience means we are flexible enough to handle everything from minor repairs through to a complete refurbishment.

As a third-generation builder we are proud to have third-generation customers. We work for a number of families who know and trust Wheeler Construction – a real testament to the true meaning of a family business.